Yelki Çiftlik

Capacity Informations


Yelki Çiftlik has a garden with a magnificent ambience under numerous almond trees, Alice; a magical atmosphere was designed for the imagined organization plans.


Area 1.700 m2
U Order 700 people
Banquet 1,200 people
Cocktail 3,500 people


Caroline’s garden with a pool with a different concept and a lake feeling is designed for romantic and at the same time stylish wedding organizations where the strong effect of water is accompanied by lavender smells. a privileged garden for country weddings hosted by 1200-year-old olive trees.


Capacity :

Area 1.250 m2
U-400 people
Banquet 500 people
Cocktail 2,000 people


Charming inviting area under the shade of historic pistachio pines.

Capacity :

Area 1.350 m
U Order 600 people
Banquet 750 people
Cocktail 3,000 people


A unique inviting area under a 60-Year-old pine tree.

Capacity :

Area 400 m2
U-150 people
Banquet 200 people
Cocktail 250 people

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