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Everyone wants the wedding to be spectacular, because there is never a repetition. You’re usually stressed and nervous getting ready for the best night of your life. But it’s so peaceful here that it never lets you get nervous… The family that runs the farm is so sweet…! You become a part of that family right away 🤗 The most important thing is the sincerity, trust and peace that you are looking for is the place that makes you experience your best day like a fairy tale! Dear Yelki, I love you very much 😍

Cansu ÖNEN

We have chosen the place because its concept is very beautiful. we accommodated 350 guests. the visual presentation of the taste of the dishes was above the standard level. the place was quite beautiful due to the visual pain. The visuals of the rustic table arrangement, decors and decorations were good. the sound music orchestra system was far above the standards. We were very lucky that mr. Savaş was sound engineer.we were also very pleased with the officials and employees. as a location, it is a very easy-to-find place and it has a parking lot, so I can say that we are quite comfortable in this sense. i would recommend this place to newly married couples.


We had a wedding far better than expected!!! Ozlem did an amazing job with her team. If I’d have organized my wedding one more time, I’d again pick Yelki Ciftlik as our wedding location.

Thanks a lot!!

Gizem Pamir

Because my wife is a foreigner, she didn’t know the wedding venues in Turkey. I also wanted it to be on a centrally located land, on a farm with easy access and parking. While researching the gardens, we met mrs. Özlem at Yelki Çiftlik. He was doing his job so sincerely and lovingly that we were experiencing the excitement of the wedding with him before our wedding. From the first day we met to the end of the wedding, the coordinators took care of us at every moment. Mrs. Birsu , the wedding directors, was with us at all times, whether during the rehearsals before the wedding or during the wedding… Our wedding was very beautiful, everyone liked it very much, and my wife’s family liked it the most. Nothing went wrong. The design of the place, the food, and the artists were also very successful. Jazz, latin and local foreign pop music were performed. There was also a dj.We would like to thank Mrs. Özlem, Mr. Fatih, the coordinators and his team, the employees of Yelki Farm, and the entire team for our productions. Loves


I attended my friend’s wedding this summer, and I had a wedding at Yelki Farm last year, which was very nice, but I know that we don’t live the same way as last year, we have a pandemic and a virus. We have different measures in place. I’ve been to weddings in other places, and I’ve seen people who do it very nicely, as well as people who try to bend the rules.

1) Because of the corona vırus, the rules were fully followed. Because of the The space, the distances between the tables were very clear. There was disinfectant on every table. once, disinfectant pressing button that was table was broken on ou table. What we said has been directly replaced with a new one.

2) The food that came was really delicious and it was hot despite the service to so many people. The cutlery plates used were very clean.

3) The environment is very beautiful. The spaces are really huge and they manage to somehow decorate and present the whole place. Other than that, you’re overwhelmed, you want to get away, there are breathing spaces where you can sit and walk away anywhere. In short, this is a very nice freedom.


Yelki Çiftlik is definitely a place to be preferred thanks to its original designs, perspectives on brand new ideas, solution-oriented attitudes with alternative plans they offer. This year, due to a certain illness, we had to have our wedding with new rules. Although ıt not mrs Özlems and yelki çiftlik’s problem, a family members

found a way to make us feel better no matter how a circular, and once sent us in this important event and all our guests will be very happy. We are very happy that we have won a very nice friend who will go to drink a lot of coffee.

I have closely observed the pandemic rules to warn people who do not follow the practices to the end with a kind language, and I really liked this attitude.

Polve and Colpi Couple

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