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Yelki Farm; Stylish, exclusive and as natural as it is and hosts unique wedding and invitation organizations within 110 acres of land.


Using 3 main and 2 intermediate invitation areas that are different from each other and natural materials in the decoration of the front dec of these areas, a path was followed that takes the special day celebrations into a fairy-tale atmosphere.

The purpose of our company, which carries out numerous invitations and wedding organizations with originality and meticulousness and professionalism, is to personalize each planned invitation according to your dreams and to ensure that you have a unique organization process.

You can have unique experiences at our farm, at a different beach, valley, hotel that you will prefer if you wish, or at your invitations and organizations that we will design carefully in the garden of your home. With the new generation of perfect concepts, we can plan your wedding in the invitation areas that you will prefer for stylish, boho or rustic planning.

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